GiftCollege Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions and answers that address the GiftCollege process and our policies. If you have additional questions, please call GiftCollege Coordinator at 1-800-858-9154.

GiftCollege Policies

If I purchase 10 credits for future courses, when do they expire?

The credits are available as long as you remain enrolled in GiftCollege. You may choose when to use the credits for future GiftCollege courses.

Can I choose the GiftCollege courses that I want to take?

Yes, you may choose the courses you want to take. This flexibility is one of the benefits of an Internet education program.

Can I take a quiz again after viewing the webcast? If so, which score is reported?

Yes, after taking the quiz, you may review the answers and take the quiz multiple times. The score on the last quiz taken will be recorded. The quiz must be taken within 24 hours of enrolling in a course.

Will the final CGPA examination cover only the 50 courses that I have taken?

Yes, the 50 courses will have enabled a student to answer 1,000 questions. The 200-question final examination will include only the courses you have taken.

GiftCollege Process

What do I need to view the webcast?

You will need a computer with broadband Internet access. The computer must be able to display the video and play audio through speakers.

If I have a group of several persons, may we use a video projector?

Yes, you can connect a video projector to a computer. The video projector can show a webcast on a large screen. You will also need audio speakers to hear the webcast.

How do all members of our viewing group receive a credit for the webcast?

Each person must log on to the webcast separately (perhaps at their desk) and then pause the video. Individuals will still be required to pass their own quiz within 24 hours of enrollment for the on demand webcast.

Why can’t I see the video even though I have a good Internet connection?

Your network security system may be blocking the webcast. Select the "Firewall" button below the High and Low buttons on the right side of your webcast viewing screen. You may also need to install the most recent version of Windows Media Player.