GiftCollege Group Education

GiftCollege is designed to facilitate education of field staff. One of the top priorities for supervisors of field staff is a top-quality education program with nationwide availability. GiftCollege is an ideal solution to this need for systematic education of field staff.

How it Works

Each supervisor will have the option to name the account for his or her organization. When a member of the field staff registers, he or she will be given the option to enroll as part of that group. After email approval by the supervisor, that student will then be part of the selected group. The supervisor report will cover GiftCollege progress of all registered members of that group.

Supervisors of field staff will usually create a named group account to reflect the name of their organization, such as "SalArmyEast." After the organization account is created, field staff will request that their records be included in that named account. This will enable supervisors to encourage and reward students for making progress toward CGPA certification.

If you are interested in a group name for your organization, please download the GiftCollege Group Name Form, sign it and fax it to Crescendo at 805-388-2483, Attn: GiftCollege Coordinator, or email it to