GiftCollege Certification

The GiftCollege Certification program is designed to increase knowledge and expertise in gift planning. GiftCollege provides a quality curriculum and certification as a Certified Gift Planning Associate (CGPA) with 50 credits or as a Certified Gift Planning Professional (CGPP) with 100 credits. Learn more about Gift College Certification Tracks


Step 1

GiftCollege provides on-demand video learning for gift planners nationwide to continue expanding their knowledge and expertise from the comfort of their home or office.



Step 2
Course Participaton

Participating in a course requires that you do three things: complete a reading assignment in GiftLaw Pro, watch a full webcast and take a quiz with a 70% passing grade.

After viewing a full webcast, reading the subchapters and passing the quiz, students will be awarded 1 credit toward the goal of becoming certified. CGPA certification requires a total of 50 credits. CGPP requires 100 credits.

GiftCollege allows you to work at your own pace and select the courses appropriate for you. You may customize your program by selecting courses applicable to your position.

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Final Exam

Step 3
Final Examination

Once you have reached the required credits, the next step is to take the timed final examination.

The examination covers only material from the specific webcasts you watched. The exam must be proctored by a certified teacher and requires a $150 processing fee. Exams become available once you have completed 50 credits towards your CGPA and after 100 cumulative credits for a CGPP.


Step 4
Certification Awarded

Upon passing the final examination, the CGPA or CGPP certification will be awarded.