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GiftCollege Program Format

GiftCollege is centered around webcasts that focus on a chapter of GiftLaw Pro, Crescendo's premier guide to planned giving. Webcasts are provided in an on-demand format for your convenience. Along with a webcast, a related reading assignment and an online quiz are provided for participants. Those who wish to pursue certification need to participate in all three components.

 Gift College Components

GiftCollege webcasts have three different components. Students will receive one point for completing the reading assignment, viewing the full webcast, and taking the online quiz.


1. Read a Section of GiftLaw Pro

GiftLaw Pro is an easily-accessible, user-friendly guide to planned giving. Each session covers two subsections of GiftLaw Pro. GiftCollege includes sessions on annuity trusts, bequests, gift annuities, lead trusts, life estates, unitrusts and other planned gifts. To view what topics are currently available, please click here.


2. Participate in the Webcasts

Each GiftCollege webcast covers two subsections of GiftLaw Pro. The program format consists of slides and video discussion of charitable gift planning concepts. Through case studies and examples, participants learn effective gift planning strategies. Each webcast includes a question and answer (Q&A) session to facilitate learning and help participants prepare for the online quizzes. Webcast can be viewed at your convenience through our on demand webcasts.


3. Take the Quiz

Following each broadcast, participants will have the option to take a 20-question quiz to test their learning. The quiz must be taken within 24 hours of each class enrollment. Quiz materials will be taken from the webcast content and corresponding GiftLaw Pro subsections. Fourteen out of the twenty questions need to be answered correctly to pass a quiz and receive credit. The quiz may be retaken within the 24 hour window after review of the GiftLaw Pro subchapters. The recorded score will be from the last quiz taken.

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